Designed For Your Mind

The task: A global launch campaign igniting the new brand vision.

The concept: With today’s world being so busy and full of loud noises stressful traffic and pollution, old values have given way to new ones in which mindful rest, contemplation and creativity are considered the truly luxurious values.
A luxury designed with the power of serenity. With autonomous driving technology turning the act of driving into being driven, driver-oriented interiors offering connectivity and comfort, and serene electric mobility, Genesis thus offers time, space and calmness – designed for your mind.

Production: bwgtbld
Director: Anton Tammi

Postproduction: THE MILL

Besides the main film, further episodes fully shot in vertical format and additional footage make up an array of social media assets for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. These assets allow for highly individualized targeting based on the target groups’ live situation and the different market needs wherein a variety of themes and thoughts can be explored.
We face the fight for seconds of attention within fast paced feed posts and stories with assets offering serenity and rest and eventually showcasing how Genesis is truly designed for your mind.
Further ASMR videos even extend the idea to hour long content.

Hyundai IONIQ

I’m In Charge.

The task: A global launch campaign of Hyundai’s dedicated  electric brand IONIQ.
The idea: With a big line-up of affordable and technically advanced mobility solutions, IONIQ will  put the people in charge. 
Our message: I’m in charge.
With an integrated campaign and beyond 100 assets we showed a range of people being put in charge. In charge of tomorrow, of time, of how to move and of connecting the world. Because every individual and their actions have an impact on a global scale. 

Production: Akkurat / Object & Animal
Director: Amber Grace Johnson
DoP: Rob Hardy
Postproduction: Storz & Escherisch
Photo: Damien de Blinkk / Emeis Deubel

The Teaser / IONIQ Name Reveal


Born To Rise.

The task: A global film for the sportive mid-size sedan G70 based on the existing line:
Born to rise.
The solution: An insight based on a famous Korean book, well-known among a young target group: “That if our whole life would be 24h, then in your end-twenties you are at 6am.”
A feeling that most of your life is yet to come. The dawn of your life.

Production: Anorak
Director: Adam Berg
Postproduction: THE MILL

Rebuilt From Memories

A virtual restoration of peoples pre-war memories.
Using Instagram photos from before the Syrian Civil War, we rebuilt 3 destroyed sites in Aleppo as VR views into a collective memory via photogrammetry.
The aim: To raise awareness and donations for Arthelps and their projects in Aleppo.

Photogrammetry and VR production: Exozet
Copywriter: Diana Tannos

360° Video



The Extra Mile

Our task: Creating excitement globally about the launch of a historic car – The EQXX.
An ultra-efficient electric record vehicle, aiming to master 1000km on one charge.

The idea: A content series of three episodes that give us an insight into the challenge, the struggle and the ideas behind.
At an unprecedented turnaround, not only are all departments grow together to one agile unit, but they are also expanding their team to include a player with even more than 100 years of experience - Nature.

Production: Bonaparte Films
Director: Humbi Entress 


Episode 2

Episode 3

Humbi Entress - Mercedes-Benz - The Extra Mile - EP03: The Revelation from BONAPARTE on Vimeo.

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