Hyundai IONIQ

I’m In Charge.

The task: A global launch campaign of Hyundai’s dedicated  electric brand IONIQ.
The idea: With a big line-up of affordable and technically advanced mobility solutions, IONIQ will  put the people in charge. 
Our message: I’m in charge.
With an integrated campaign and beyond 100 assets we showed a range of people being put in charge. In charge of tomorrow, of time, of how to move and of connecting the world. Because every individual and their actions have an impact on a global scale. 

Production: Akkurat / Object & Animal
Director: Amber Grace Johnson
DoP: Rob Hardy
Postproduction: Storz & Escherisch
Photo: Damien de Blinkk / Emeis Deubel

The Teaser / IONIQ Name Reveal

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